Teddy at the airport

Here are some pictures of Teddy waiting to board a plane to Denver. We have been training Teddy since June of this year. She is in for the long haul, going for Service Dog. She is a wonderful puppy and her parents are great students! With parents like this, that really listen and follow instructions, She will go really far!teddy at the airport teddy at the airport2 teddy at the airport3

Referral letter

Hi  everyone, Coro family layla 1 additional photos at bottom!!

My wife and I would like to take a moment to say thank you to Lisa and Larry and the entire Breedmaster Silvey family (dogs included) for all you have done for us.
Some background information:
We are from New York. After months of research and contacting breeders throughout the North East we finally purchased our first Cane Corso from a New Jersey breeder. We were overwhelmed by the championship trophies and traceable champion bloodlines. We received our boy, Bane a black brindle Cane Corso in April of 2013. Within weeks he went from our small lovable pup to everything we read about the breed, dominant, protective, aggressive and taking charge of our home. He was a great looking dog but with serious behavior and personality issues. (Funny how there was no trophy for good temperament).
My wife and I were not strangers to dogs we have owned dogs for the better part of both our lives. Neither one of us expected Bane to be the Gremlin he was. So we reached out to a local dog trainer for help. We will refer to him as terrified Chris, run of the mill dog training. Well terrified Chris came to our home boasting about what he can do and prices. He met Bane for two minutes and said “ok the price is X amount, he is 12 weeks old so we will start at four months old”. So we paid and from 12 to 17 weeks we were on our own. Bane was a terrorist. Finally at just over 17 weeks and 40+ pounds, Bane’s training was going to start. After 15 minutes terrified Chris highly acclaimed dog trainer/dog psychologist told us we had to kill our dog. WHAT!! WHY!! According to Chris he had never seen a dog like this in his life. He proceeded to tell us he could no longer help us and Bane should be put down. With that terrified Chris was gone-our money in hand. He never returned to train the dog again or return any of our calls. So now where were we; out of X amount of money and a 40+ lbs. dog who was not yet half his final size terrorizing our home and according to a “So-Called professional” should be put to DEATH!!
Frantically, I called our breeder in New Jersey. To make a long story short, he said “I can’t help you” and once again we were on our own. We began doing research and calling all over the world asking for help with Bane. We called CC breeders in Italy, Canada, Ohio, North Carolina etc… As well as other so called reputable breeders from around the country. No one would help us. No one wanted to get involved. Most trainers shy away from the Cane Corso breed in general, never mind one with aggression issues.
Finally, I called Breedmaster dog training. I spoke to Lisa who listened to everything I had to say. She told me to sit down, relax and she would have Larry call me back in a few minutes, and from that phone call my life took a calming turn. A life experience was headed our way we could never have seen coming. I spoke with Larry at great lengths for hours a day as he kindly guided me through the basics of dog training, and regaining control of my home. Over the phone I was only able to do a novice job and Bane was getting bigger and more dominant by the day. So we made the decision to drive to Florida- Home of Breedmaster dog training! We would have Bane trained by Larry! (We did the Vacation Crash Course). My wife and I were both there to learn and understand the art of training a Cane Corso.
We pulled up to the ranch. We opened the gate as per Lisa’s directions and drove in. The first sign of movement was Paisano a huge Cane Corso. He looked huge almost like a lion. Then we saw Velvet a beautiful blue bouncing around, and then another and another. Each dog more beautiful than the next. My wife’s eyes were like silver dollars and she chewed her ice coffee straw into a big knot, as it is a very intimidating place. Being from New York an ego is automatically part of our personality and naturally feel we can handle anything that comes our way. Well being surrounded by these massive man stoppers all trained as if they were soldiers in an infantry…. Yea – I was out of my league here. My ego was checked. When we met Larry and Lisa I said “Ok, tell me what you need me to do Obi-Wan Kenobi you are our only hope. We had a good laugh and so began our 12 day, hands on training with Bane.  But Larry not only trained the dog, he trained us. He showed us how to understand and read Bane’s expressions and body language.  A Cane Corso is very different than any other breed, it takes quite a bit more patience, energy and understanding. Larry being the true professional he is was able to guide us in transforming our seven month old terror into a well behaved pleasant pup who listened on and off leash. We worked with both Larry and his dog Doc. We spent hours with both Paisano and Velvet. (Their house Cane Corso). We ate dinner with the Silvey family, they invited us out to shops and to watch their sons football game, we were accepted as part of their family. No matter what we were doing or where we were they both continued to teach us about the Corso breed.
Larry made sure we understood the theory and practicality of what he was teaching us. After a few days with Larry we took the dogs to the beach, inside stores, we participated in Larry’s group dog training class with other dogs and even took the Dogs to restaurants. You name it, we did it. Bane had become a pleasure! A dog to be proud of and show off.
Larry and Lisa unselfishly pass along the information needed so our dogs as well as your dogs can have a rich, healthy, happy and well behaved life. Unfortunately, during our stay Paisano the family guardian for over 14 years passed away. My wife and I offered to leave as we understand this type of loss. A collective “no” came from Larry and Lisa. Although they were mourning their loss they insisted we stay so they could honor their commitment to us and Bane. Not only are the Silvey’s a genuine American family but they are as professional as they come.

Our Relationship with Larry and Lisa did not stop when we drove back to New York, over the next few months we stayed in contact and became friends. In late May 2014 we purchased a female Cane Corso puppy from them. The difference between Bane at 10 weeks and Layla, our Breedmaster female, was polar opposite. She is much larger much more confidant and has the temperament of a bunny rabbit, she’s soft, loving, with unconditional love (loves to give kisses). She is our Baby Girl. Unfortunately, a few weeks after receiving Layla, Bane went to get neutered and passed away. He did not wake up due to an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. He was almost 2yrs old. My wife and I were devastated. I lost my best friend. I reached out to Larry and Joyce to Lisa-  once again the  Silvey family took hours of their time to speak with us on the subject and our friendship grew.  We consider them both great friends.
Thanks to the knowledge and teachings of Larry combined with Lisa’s “5000 kisses per day” puppy rule, we have been able to train Layla to be a well behaved Cane Corso. She’s a pleasant member of society who encompasses everything Breedmaster stands for.
So to Larry and Lisa you are the salt of the earth and you are the best at what you do. It was great doing business with such professional people.  It’s an honor to call you both our friends.
Thank you both, with love
Rick (Vinny), Joyce (Mona Lisa) & Layla

P.S. Oh yeah, we are eagerly waiting a male puppy from Breedmaster.

Update!! Their new puppy arrived on 6/3/15. Here are some pics:-)

image3 (1) image3 image2 (1)